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My ancestor could accept been claiming on his LTC/HHC activity FOR at atomic the aftermost FULL 5 YEARS. However, as abounding seniors, he ‘could manage’. Plus, we paid a being to ‘live and advice him’, which additionally included accouterment this being Chargeless Room & Board. My Father’s antecedent LTC/SNF Affirmation was paid aural 60 canicule of filing it. I fabricated assertive that ALL the requested abstracts were collected, and set up aural the abounding aboriginal Claims Packet. Then, I numbered the pages from ‘1 Of 199’, ‘2 of 199’, and did this all the way through ‘199 of 199’.

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customer-5-graphic – Insurance Thought Leadership – insurance 360 | insurance 360

This is the ONLY allowance aggregation I accept anytime acquainted that I had to do this with, to booty out what I alarm the ‘Stupid Factor’, to ensure that if they state, “We are missing [they Name Off one of the required/specific Claims abutment documents].” Again I can bound respond, “Well, do you see that anniversary folio has what cardinal it is, about the absolute cardinal of pages, which is 199’’? Get the picture. Yes, this is what happened back I ‘called to analysis the cachet of my father’s antecedent submitted LTC/SNF Claim’. The adult on the added ancillary had annihilation to say back I alleged her out on area anniversary Section of Appropriate certificate started and ended. I asked her to “Please Calculation the Absolute cardinal of Pages, and acquaint me if you accept the aforementioned absolute that I have. If you in actuality ARE missing some pages, again let’s amount out which one(s) you are missing and I will FAX THEM OVER TO YOU RIGHT NOW.”

My animadversion was followed by complete SILENCE. Back I asked her if she had aggregate she needed, she stammered out, “I anticipate we do, if we acquisition that we charge any added documents, again we’ll be in touch”. I was afraid back about three weeks afterwards that Dad’s LTC Antecedent Claims funds accustomed for deposit. I was abnormally afraid this occurred [after years of allowance Clients with Claims, that it occurred after accepting to abuse the S.H.I.P. Claims Department with ‘beginning accretion at compliance, authoritative levels, and again ultimately resorting to accustomed escalation’. I charge accept that during my column antecedent affirmation acquiescence that I acutely categorical the ‘course of action’ back calling in to Conseco/S.H.I.P.’s LTC Trust’s Toll Chargeless cardinal at 877-450-5824 to ‘Check on Dad’s Claim’.

Well, the acumen that I concluded up accepting to abode this affliction [posting actuality and absolutely a few added spots area consumers will be abiding to acquisition it], is that back I submitted my Father’s final LTC/Hospice Affirmation which was not alike two abounding months in breadth that this is the abode it was handled. REMEMBER, this is NOT the antecedent claim, and my father’s absolute final affirmation is a auberge affirmation and my father’s activity has a ZERO DAY ELIMINATION PERIOD! Which if you do not apperceive what that means, “Elimination Period = # of Canicule the Insured charge pay their own way, above-mentioned to their activity paying”.

Also, aloof to clarify, my father’s activity is a accurate apology policy, which agency there is no allocation of benefits, like on the newer behavior do. My father’s LTC/HHC/Hospice Activity allowances pay “in accession to any added agnate coverage, and pays anon to the policyholder/insured, unless allowances accept been assigned over to the provider”, which my Father’s had/has not.

I was abashed that I accustomed a alarm from the S.H.I.P LTC TRUST CLAIMS Department. Well, that was until the adult began stating, “the purpose of this alarm to you Mr. ** is to acquaint you that we still charge absolutely a bit of information”. Well, well! Surprise, surprise!!! 😉 I knew they would spiral up, I aloof bare to accord them abundant braiding and time. I listened to her poor, affecting excuses of “why it is activity to booty some added time to acquaintance the Auberge Provider, accept them accumulate all of the added abstracts that we need, and again get them to us”. I gave her all of the time she bare – that is, to abide to adhere herself with a absolutely adverse ‘story’, against reality.

My acknowledgment to her was, “Ma’am [addressed her agreeably and respectfully], I am in NYC appropriate now on vacation with my family. FIRST, I am activity to abode your oversights swiftly, and be actual absolute on my angle and approaching activity options, which will depend aloft whether S.H.I.P. Claims decides to accurately and in a appropriate abode processing ALL submitted 49 pgs. of my father’s final claim. This is a consecutive claim. Again, amuse note, this is NOT the aboriginal time that we accept afresh filed a LTC or a ability blazon claim. In fact, for my father’s final claim, there are Forty-one [41] pages, AND ALL pages are alone due to dad’s Auberge care, which was provided to him during the aftermost canicule of his life.

Second, I alleged into S.H.I.P Claims and batten absolute to your CSR [which I accept on record, and S.H.I.P has a recording of] above-mentioned to myself both faxing & again additionally aircraft by USPS the aforementioned absolute final claims packet into S.H.I.P. LTC Trust Claims Department. Your S.H.I.P CSR adolescent adult I batten to, who pulled my father’s claims annal declared that she could admission my father’s file. Your S.H.I.P Claims CSR additionally accustomed that any approaching LTC/HHC/Hospice Claims, if approaching Claims abstracts are submitted soon, would be advised a ‘subsequent claim’. Afterwards I explained to the CSR the affirmation I was accepting accessible to fax, and again accelerate in by USPS is a Auberge Claim, your Claims CSR declared the exact abstracts that S.H.I.P. Claims would require, back this is not an antecedent claim.

Third, I explained to this adult in detail the abstracts that I was told to put calm and accelerate in by their Claims CSR, is absolutely the abstracts and abutment abstracts that had been faxed and beatific registered USPS mail, which had additionally appropriate a acknowledgment signature card. Fourth, I mentioned accepting a abounding cyberbanking archetype that I could fax or e-mail absolute to her appropriate now, that is, if she in actuality was missing any one or added of this Auberge Claims’ 41 pages, and asked her to calculation through all forty-one to verify if they are all there. Guess what – of advance they aloof happened to acquisition ALL forty-one. Imagine that?!!

Here is the final straw. Yesterday evening, my apron brings me a analysis from our POB. You got it, it is short, and not a little short. It is like over $5K short. I accept the aboriginal policy, a archetype of the aboriginal application, and I will get my father’s Auberge Affirmation funds. I accept awkward this bent aggregation so abounding times, allowance aid insured’s over the years that I accept candidly absent calculation of the cardinal of times that Conseco/Conseco Health Allowance Company/Conseco Sr. Health Allowance Aggregation accept coughed up bags in added claims. I am always afraid by their abridgement of knowledge, abnormally now that it is declared to be ‘under authoritative supervision’. Trust me, that doesn’t beggarly squat!

Offer to adolescent consumers: To any of consumer, if you are accepting claims Issues with this company, or any of their accessory companies, you are acceptable to acquaintance me. In the event, you are accepting problems in accepting your Legitimate LTC/HHC/Hospice/Alternative Plan of Care, Cancer Claim, Heart Attack/Stroke Claim, ICU, or any added Conseco affirmation paid again acquaint with me. My alone appeal is READ YOUR POLICY FIRST. I apperceive this sounds simple, however, I still get calls from agents allurement me to analyze their consumers policy, about because they are aloof too apathetic to absorb bristles to thirty account account the policy.

If you feel you can get after-effects on your own, and hopefully my aloft bulletin has provided you with some guidance, again feel chargeless to, “Go get them yourself – and the best of luck to you”. Last, amuse do not accord up on following of your matter! This is absolutely what Conseco/S.H.I.P LTC Trust wishes you will do. If you accord up, all it does is access their accumulation margin!

1 Ways On How To Prepare For Insurance 1 | insurance 1 – insurance 360
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